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Its ok to let go of the version of yourself you created  to survive.


-Learn how to love and honor yourself?
- Regain your confidence and boost your self-esteem?
- Align your style with the life you are creating?
- Get unstuck and find your way forward?
- Learn how to navigate the modern dating scene?

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I understand that your self-esteem has taken a hit during the divorce wars. Now is the perfect time to rediscover yourself and boost your confidence. The quickest way to do that is to LOVE on yourself totally. I will guide you through the inner work and you will begin the journey back to you! You are amazing, talented, smart, and you are worthy of everything your heart desires.



Whether you need a complete style makeover or just a few style suggestions to get you back on track, I got you! We will work together to make sure that your style is aligned with the woman you are becoming and the life you are designing.

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When they say it is written in the stars;… it truly is.  Using my knowledge of astrology, I will guide you on a deep dive into your soul by analyzing your birth chart. This is an eye-opening process as it reveals who you are at your core where you’ve been, and more importantly where you are going.

2023 New Year New Focus Workshop
What better way to start the new year then by finding out what will be in focus for you in the coming year. Using the GPS of Your Soul a.k.a. your birth chart, I will let you know which area of your life will be highlighted this year so that you can make 2023 awesome!
Feb 06, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM GMT+1
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