I choose to look at the failure of my marriage as an opportunity to learn. After all, failure is feedback. I decided to embark on a journey to rediscover myself. The journey wasn’t always pretty, but it was sure as hell worth it. I am still a work in progress, but I can confidently and without a doubt say that I know myself 1000 times better than I did ten years ago.

The journey back to me was filled with twists and turns but ultimately led me exactly where I needed to be. In the process, I became a certified life coach and studied astrology with some world-renowned teachers. Coupled with my knack for pulling together a look, I created a tool kit that allowed me to survive and thrive after divorce. I would love to share it with you; it’s my mission to help a woman start over and own the next chapter of their lives.

Going through this process of deep self-discovery helped me turn the page of a difficult chapter in my life. It was not all roses and sunshine, but then again, nothing worth having ever is. However, I am now more certain than ever that just because my marriage is over, my life is not. On the contrary, I am just getting started! I know I owe it to myself to design a life I truly love. The next chapter of my life will be filled with confidence, some humor, and lots of style.


Not sure about the next steps to take? Let's talk about it. So, we'll be able to decide together which is the best way to move forward.



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